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COMBO - Geoliner 650XD + 15K Four Post Lift + Two Rolling Jacks

COMBO - Geoliner 650XD + 15K Four Post Lift + Two Rolling Jacks COMBO - Geoliner 650XD + 15K Four Post Lift + Two Rolling Jacks COMBO - Geoliner 650XD + 15K Four Post Lift + Two Rolling Jacks COMBO - Geoliner 650XD + 15K Four Post Lift + Two Rolling Jacks COMBO - Geoliner 650XD + 15K Four Post Lift + Two Rolling Jacks COMBO - Geoliner 650XD + 15K Four Post Lift + Two Rolling Jacks COMBO - Geoliner 650XD + 15K Four Post Lift + Two Rolling Jacks

COMBO - Geoliner 650XD + 15K Four Post Lift + Two Rolling Jacks

Item # 650COMBO4


Package Include,  One Aligner Geoliner 650XD + One 4 Post Lift 14K Capacity + Two Rolling Jacks 


The geoliner® 650 XD wheel alignment system provides core features for the alignment professional. Patented imaging technology provides accurate and real-time measurements that improves productivity. User friendly features such as EZ-TOE and an extensive vehicle specification database delivers customer satisfaction, ease of use and accuracy.

Part Number:  EEWA712G

Finding Your Way Around Any Alignment Problem Just Got Simpler

Now there's an imaging alignment system that's sophisticated, yet doesn't require lots of training or experience to operate. With the latest XD target and camera system, the geoliner 650 XD features advanced technology, combined with the simplest, most intuitive software we've ever offered providing the essential tools for any alignment tech.

Versatile, Accurate Hardware

High resolution cameras produce accurate, live alignment readings and diagnostic data
Passive front and rear XD targets improve durability with no electronics to damage
Advanced XD targets and AC200 clamps are lightweight, durable and impact resistant
Standard Dimensioning and Productivity Features

Vehicle track width and wheel base
Individual wheel side set and set-back
Patented EZ-TOE eliminates the need for steering wheel holder
Guided adjustments of single tire rod, drag link and cradle
Ride Height Measurement - Manual ride height to obtain proper alignment specifications for those vehicles requiring it

Patented EZ-TOE - Turn the front wheels and access difficult adjustment points while still displaying centered toe readings

Manufacturer Specifications - Extensive OEM specifications allow quick and accurate vehicle selection

VODI™ - Patented Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator guides the technician through the measurement process

Help Videos - View detailed videos of how to make needed adjustments to complete even the most complex tasks

Wheel Size (AC200) 11" - 24"
Power supply 115 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz
Track width 48" - 96"
Wheel base 2007 - 4572 mm
Wheel base 79" - 180"


15K open front, four-post alignment lifts give you 15,000 lbs of heavy-duty lifting capacity in a compact package with no need for multiple lifts. Whether it is a micro car or a heavy-duty pickup, the 15K four post alignment lift has four wheel alignment capabilities that cover a full range of vehicle requirements. Industry leading 90" long rear slip plates eliminate time-consuming repositioning of front turnplates to accommodate shorter and longer vehicles during four wheel alignment adjustments.

Lock & Lighted Model (EELR708A)

Increases productivity by locking turnplates and slip plates simultaneously
Ensures proper amount of movement in all direction, easing alignment inspection and adjustment
Patented lighting system is mounted to the front turnplates and rear slip plates, accommodating varying vehicle track widths
Crisp, clean white light reduces eye straining and fatigue
Easy Access For Alignment Service and Calibration

Open front design allows technicians clear access to suspension, brake and alignment components; making adjustment and repairs simple
22" wide "Pro-Style" runways save time when loading vehicles of any track width
Low-Profile Roller Jacks

Interchangeable fast fit adapters for brake, tire and alignment services; air over hydraulic controls requiring only 90 - 120 PSI air pressure; high lifting height; no requirement to swing away for storage
Rear Slip Plates

Maintenance reduced
Encapsulated bearing
Flush mount
90" long
Reinforced Formed Front Steel Columns

Dramatically improves column strength
Premium Turnplates*

Includes lights and locks on the front turnplates and full floating rear slip plates

*Optional on EELR706A. Standard on EELR708A

Capacity 15000 lbs
Lifting times 70 s
Lowering times 70 s
Lifting height 74 inch
Power supply 230 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz
Weight 4850 lbs
Width Between Runways 40 inch
4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 70 - 158 inch
2 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 188 inch
Air Supply Requirements 90 - 120 Psi
Front Accessibility open
Overall Length 270.625 inch
Service Wheelbase 205 inch
Overall Width 140.5 inch
Lifting Speed 70 s
Runway Width 22 inch

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